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Installation of fences on summer cottages: ideas

Feb 14

As a rule, anyone who owns land outside the city, even without having a house, is quick to brag about having a cottage outside the city. Plans, respectively, the construction of the house, and all accompanying. But so far there is only one plot, which is defined on the plan in square meters. And then? Well, then everything is simple, you need to install a fence at the dacha. This is the first thing the so-called summer resident must do for newcomers.

The need for a fencing field

Once you've received the coveted permission and your precious square footage, all you have to do is separate it from the outside world. Even if you do not have a country house, in any case the fence must be installed.

  • You will immediately mark the territory before the construction of the cottage.
  • If there is a building on the site, the fence will prevent stray animals from entering your territory.
  • Protection against attacks on property by disrespectful citizens.
  • Protect your site from dust and wind carrying debris.

It follows that the fence at the dacha is necessary, but what? Let's continue to explore the options we can use to install the device fencing your site.

Variants of country fencing performance

The building materials market will gladly offer you your choice of various versions, as well as materials for the construction of the fence. What exactly do we offer, and what better to choose for yourself?

Depending on what type of construction you are going to build, temporary or capital will depend on the price of such a structure.

Here are the options for fences that can be built at their summer cottage.

  1. The grid the chain link, can be used both temporary and permanent option. With proper design, these structures become vital and protect the site.
  2. A fence made of concrete panels is a decorative structure. The panels usually have a pattern and when put together they have a very cultural look. Such structures are usually installed deep.
  3. A wooden fence, you can use temporary and permanent fences. The decoration of the tree may be different, the varnished treated board is of good quality.
  4. Fences for the corrugated suburban area, most often such facilities are well constructed, but can also be used for temporary fencing.
  5. Brick, stone fence - this is the capital structure, which often forms the face of the building. Design options can also be different.

Before starting the installation of such a structure, you need to carefully weigh everything and decide what kind of construction you are going to build in one go, capital or until you manage a temporary fence (also read the rules installation of a chess guard).

What you need to know before installing a suburban fence

Turns out, it's not that simple with your fence installation. Turns out, if you want to protect yourself, you have to do it right. There are rules for gardeners and summer residents that clearly indicate what and how to do.

Here is one of the most frequent controversial questions: how high should the fence be at the dacha? According to legal standards, the height of the fence inside your site should not exceed one and a half meters in height. Also, in order not to create a shadow, it is strongly recommended to make it from a trellis or from a chain link.

Façade buildings must be made with high architectural requirements. Also comply with the standards, in accordance with the legislation in force. In this case, the height can be from one and a half to two meters.

Trick! Before you start building a privacy fence, you need to have a plan that you are going to build a fence. This document is generally issued by an architect familiar with construction law. If something does not suit you and you want to make changes, you can always legally challenge such an order.

Now that you have solved all the legal issues and studied the rules for installing fences in the suburbs, you can start construction. Of course, the work process will depend on the type of structure you have chosen.

If you intend to protect the territory of neighbors of your plot, then this procedure should not cause you much difficulty. First of all, you need to correctly measure the land owned by you and make markup.

If you are a respectable citizen, then before starting the installation of the columns according to your beacon, it would not be bad to call a neighbor to coordinate your beacon with him. Such a precautionary measure will continue to maintain good relations with neighbors and avoid disputes over the illegal seizure of foreign territories.

We hope that you have solved all the questions and are ready to continue with the installation of the fence with your own hands. Then we dig the pits and install the columns, the future load-bearing frame. Since our conversation took place on the internal territory, it should be assumed that the fence will come from the mesh network.

It should be noted that the installation of a fence from a grid of the chain link does not violate any rules and fully complies with the standards.

Be sure to leave the columns, the concrete should stand for at least two weeks. Then you can stretch the mesh and attach it to the posts. Here is our instruction how to do it.

How to make a fence from the chain link? At first, the net roll passes from one pillar to another, then the thread passes through the net in this stretch. After this thread is stretched from one column to another and tied. As a result, the thread is stretched and the grid.

Your attention is invited to the video, which clearly shows the process of this installation. True, the builders of this video use specially prepared messages for this purpose. But if you want to facilitate such an installation, you can also use ready-made racks for chain linking.

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